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1. Contents of online offer
Ferienwohnungen Kröll is not reliable for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. Liability claims against Ferienwohnungen Kröll which relate to tangible or intangible damage having occurred due to application or non-application of the offered information as well as due to application of incorrect or incomplete information, are generally excluded as long as Ferienwohnungen Kröll cannot be accused of wilful misconduct or gross negligence.

All offers are subject to change and without obligation. Ferienwohnungen Kröll reserves the explicit right to change, add or delete parts of the website or the whole offer as well as to stop publication temporarily or irrevocably without prior notice.

2. Links
Ferienwohnungen Kröll excludes all liability arising from the direct or indirect use of information from linked websites (“hyperlinks”) except for the situation when Ferienwohnungen Kröll was informed about the contents of these linked websites and thus could have prevented their use in case of illegitimate contents in a technically feasible and reasonable way.

Ferienwohnungen Kröll hereby states explicitly that no illegitimate contents were detected at the moment of the implementation of these links. Ferienwohnungen Kröll cannot take any influence on current or future design, content or copyrights of the linked pages. Thus Ferienwohnungen Kröll dissociates from any contents of linked websites which were subject to changed after the initial link setting. This statement is also to be applied to all links within the own internet offer as well as for all links and external inputs/remarks on open discussion platforms, link directories, mailing lists and all other kinds of data banks provided by Ferienwohnungen Kröll which have external re-writable access. For any illegitimate, incorrect or incomplete content, especially for any claims arising from the application or non-application of such-a-kind information it is solely the provider of the linked website, who will take liability, and not the one only referring to these publications/contents by links.

3. Copyright
Ferienwohnungen Kröll seeks to ensure copyrights of all publications of applied photo material, graphics, audio and video documents and written words, to apply photos, graphics, audio and video documents and written words from self production or to resort to licence-free photo material, graphics, audio and video documents and written words.

All brand labels and trade marks regardless to whether they are patented or not which are mentioned within the internet offer are unlimited subject to the related valid trademark law and the right of ownership of the related patented properties. It is not legitimate to regard a trademark as not to be patented by third parties just upon undifferentiated presentation!

The copyright for contents published on the Ferienwohnungen Kröll website and generated by Ferienwohnungen Kröll remains with Ferienwohnungen Kröll. Duplication or application of these graphics, audio and video documents and written words in any other electronic or printed publication is not allowed without explicit affirmation of Ferienwohnungen Kröll.

4. Data protection
Wherever the internet offers the possibility to enter personal or business data (email address, name, postal address) this data is provided explicitly on the user´s free will. If technically feasible and reasonable, the usage or payment of all offered services is also permitted without quotation of these references or on anonymous basis or with reference to a pseudonym. The usage of contact data such as postal address, phone and fax number and email address, which is published in the company details or comparable data fields, by a third party for transmission of not explicitly requested information is not permitted. Ferienwohnungen Kröll reserved the explicit right to take legal steps against the sender of so-called spam mails in case of violation of this prohibition.

5. Legal effectiveness and disclaimer
This disclaimer is regarded to be part of the internet offer from which the link has been set to this page. Even if parts of single passages of this text do not meet the valid legal requirements at all or do not meet them anymore or do not meet them to the complete status, all other parts of this document with their contents and validity will stay in effect.
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