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Pure nostalgia! In this house you are going to be told the story of the world-famous song “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht” (silent night, holy night), which was sang by the “Strasser Children”. The nondescript, old farmhouse is located in Laimach, near Hippach.

Alpine Dairy
Our „Kashitte“ presents not only a culinary pleasure, which presents milk, cheese and traditional dishes from the Zillertal, but also much informative things. You are able to ask all your questions about cheese, milk and co, and find the answer during the tour through the Sennerei by yourself!

The Zeiss planetarium is located in Schwaz und presents a multimedia-journey in the world of stars. There are exciting shows for every age, which will give you an understanding of planets and stars.

Guesthouse Steinerkogel
You can start directly from our house, and within 2,5 hours, you can reach the balcony of Mayrhofen by feet. A wonderful view almost over the whole valley is waiting for you!

The „Spannagelhöhle“ offers a very exciting trip through the biggest and highest visitor-cave from Europe. A well educated guide, who informs you about the age, the climate, the dropstones, and about the meaning of the healing cave-air, will lead you through a 500 metres long tour. For adventure-fans, the Spannagelhöhle offers a trekking tour which will take you about 3-5 hours. On the side of an experienced cave-guide, you have the chance to explore the downs of the cave.

Goldmine in Zell am Ziller
Dip into an almost forgotten branch of economic activity, which will show you the work of underground mining, the workers life, but also the conflicts between Tyrol and Salzburg, as well as the force of the Catholic church. Adventure and history combined – a perfect trip for old and young.

Krimmler Cataracts
The fifth largest cataracts of the world have a drop height of 380m, which invites you to an amazement. You can reach the cataract on the especially invested trail, and enjoy this breathtaking natural spectacle.

Schlegeis Dam
You deal with 800 altitude difference on the 13.3 km long Schlegeis alps-road, until you arrive at the Schlegeis dam om 1800m. A walkpath round the dam invites to have a relaxed promenade. The hiking-freaks can leave their car at the parking place at the Schelgeis dam, and are able to choose one of the routes, which start from that point. e.g Olperer Hütte, or the Schönbichler Horn.

Silvermine Schwaz
The largest silver mine of the middle ages invites you to an adventurous trip into the history of Tyrol. After a racy drive with the mine railway, you are in for a exciting experience of underground mining. While following the tracks of the mining workers, you will come to know what it was like digging silver and copper.

Farmyards-Museum in Kramsach
This museum presents 14 farmyards from the different parts of Tyrol. The traditional culture of Tyrol, which drops away because of changes in economy, is presented in this museum. Get into the history of Tyrol and come to know how people lived in former times.

Cristal-Worlds in Wattens
André Heller brought a fanciful world into being to the 100th anniversary of Swarovski. This fascination should be experienced by you, as well as it was by the other 8 million visitors and let you lead into a dream-world.

Innsbruck Golden Roof, „Rundgemälde“, Alpine Zoo
The Golden Roof is the memorial place of one of the most important figures of Europe, Kaiser Maximilian. In the museum of the site an audioguide will conduct you through the life of Maximilian, which plays the political, cultural and economical significance of the emperor out.

The „Rundgemälde“ shows the famous battle on the Bergisel in the year of 1809. It was published in 1896 and took a shine to the people even in those days. Dip into the history of the Tyrolean freedom fighters and come to know more about this famous battle on the Bergisel.

The highest zoo of Europe is waiting with a plurality of animals for you! The special feature is the description of the way of life of the animals nowadays and in former times. As such a theme-zoo, is the alpine zoo the single one in this form, which has a completed collection of animals from the Alps.

Salzburg Mozart
Undertake an excursion to the hometown of Mozart – Salzburg. The living-, as well as the birthplace of Mozart invites to an interesting expedition in the life of a musical genius.
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